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Editor Settings

By default, the Editor is configured with settings that should suit the majority of users. However, in some circumstances, you may wish to modify the default behavior of the Editor. To do this, load the Settings into the Inspector by clicking the 'cog' icon on the Toolbar or in the Viewport.


Then, navigate to the EDITOR section:

Editor Settings


Updates to Editor Settings apply only to the current project and only to you. In other words, they are personal preferences. They all persist over multiple sessions except for Engine Version which is reset at the start of each session.

Here is a breakdown of the available settings:

Grid DivisionsDetermines the number of divisions in the grid in the Viewport.
Grid Division SizeSets the size of each grid division, affecting the grid scale.
SnapSets the snap increment when using the gizmos in the Viewport. Useful for precise positioning.
Camera Clip NearSets the near clipping plane for all Editor cameras in the Viewport.
Camera Clip FarSets the far clipping plane for all Editor cameras in the Viewport.
Camera Depth GrabpassConfigures the camera to capture depth information for special effects.
Camera Color GrabpassConfigures the camera to capture color information for special effects.
Zoom SensitivityAdjusts the sensitivity of zooming in the Viewport.
Clear ColorSets the clear color for all Editor cameras in the Viewport.
Show FogToggles the visibility of fog in the Viewport, even if it is enabled in the Scene Settings.
Icons SizeChanges the size of entity icons in the Viewport.
Engine VersionThe engine version to use in the Launch Page or when publishing a build. Defaults to the current stable release of the PlayCanvas Engine. This setting only persists for the current session.
LocaleSets the locale used by the localization system for display in the Viewport.
Chat NotificationsToggles browser notifications for the Editor's built-in realtime chat.
Rename Duplicated EntitiesIf enabled, duplicated entity names get an incremental number added to the end. This helps to ensure unique naming of entities.