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Optimization is a critical part of developing a PlayCanvas application. It can mean the difference between a great user experience and a terrible one.


Don't wait until a project is near completion before you consider optimization. Be thinking about it from the start. It may meaningfully impact how you design your application.

Let's begin by establishing the key goals for optimization and highlight why each goal is important:

GoalWhy it matters
⏱️ Minimize load timeYour users have limited patience. If your app does not load quickly, they may give up waiting and go elsewhere.
🎞️ Maximize frame rateA high (and stable) frame rate makes for pleasing visuals and low latency response to user input.
🔋 Minimize CPU and GPU loadJust because your app maintains 60 frames per second does not mean your work is done. Reducing processor load preserves battery power and keeps devices running cool.
🧠 Minimize memory utilizationBrowsers allocate a limited pool of memory to applications. Once this pool is exhausted, the tab will crash and reload. Your users will be upset!