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Getting Started

What is PlayCanvas?

PlayCanvas is a visual development platform for interactive web content. Both the tools and the web apps you build are powered by HTML5. The platform is web hosted so there's nothing to install and you can access your work from any device that runs one of the supported web browsers.

Key Features


The PlayCanvas Editor is a visual editing tool that lets you build scenes, applications and games in record time. Use the Editor to manage your project assets, to add interactivity and to communicate and work with your team. The Editor is collaborative in real-time which means you can immediately see changes made by your team and you can build and test your application across all devices instantly

Find out more in the editor section.


PlayCanvas is used to create and manage all the assets you need for your interactive web application. PlayCanvas accepts all major 3D file formats, plus upload images, audio and any other asset types you need.

Find out more in the assets section.


PlayCanvas provides instant and trouble free hosting for your WebGL application with single click. We also support instant download of your complete project ready to host on your own web server.

Find out more in the publishing section.