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The PlayCanvas Editor is a visual editing tool which you use to create and edit the Scenes and Entities that make up your game.

  • Runs in your browser, so it's available wherever you are.
  • Uses the PlayCanvas Engine to render your scene. What you see is what you get.
  • One button press and you are playing your game in a new tab.
  • Live editing means that you can iterate on your game, even while it's running.


Editor Interface

This is the main interface to the PlayCanvas Editor. You can see labeled the main areas

  • Menu The menu contains all the commands available in the Editor. If you can't find the button or remember the hotkey, use the menu.
  • Toolbar Commonly used commands are available on the toolbar for quick access.
  • Hierarchy A hierarchical view of the Entities that make up the open Scene. Use this to select, delete and re-parent Entities.
  • Inspector Detailed properties of the selected Entity, Asset or Component.
  • Viewport A 3D view onto your scene, use this view to select, position and orientate Entities.
  • Assets A view of all the Assets in the current Project. You can search for assets by name, filter by type and also drag and drop assets to various slots or in the Design View.