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The PlayCanvas Engine is designed to make creating 3D games and applications fast and simple. However, we also support a number of great features for creating 2D games. With PlayCanvas' 2D features you get all the benefits of a powerful 3D engine but for 2D games.

Basic Features



2D graphics are often known as Sprites. In PlayCanvas you can create Sprite Assets and Sprite Components. The Sprite Component is attached to Entities in order to display 2D graphics in your scene. Sprite Assets in PlayCanvas store multiple image frames from a Texture Atlas in sequence. So you can use a Sprite Asset to create flip-book style animated graphics in your games.

Texture Atlases

Texture Atlas

A Texture Atlas is a enhanced version of the standard Texture asset. In addition to the regular texture features, a Texture Atlas includes the definitions of a set of "Frames". Each frame is a region of the texture which can be referenced in a Sprite Asset.

Sprite Editor

Sprite Editor

The Sprite Editor is the tool used to generate Texture Atlas frames and Sprite Assets. You can open the Sprite Editor by double-clicking on any Texture Atlas or Sprite Asset. Read More.

Artwork created by PixelBoy