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Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts

Camera Controls

The Editor's camera is controlled with the mouse and keyboard.

OrbitLeft Mouse Button + Drag
PanMiddle Mouse Button + Drag
SHIFT + Left Mouse Button + Drag
Look AroundRight Mouse Button + Drag
Zoom / DollyMouse Wheel
Move (fast)SHIFT + W-A-S-D

General Mouse Controls

Select EntityLeft Mouse Button
Translate / Rotate / Scale Entity (according to gizmo)Left Mouse Button + Drag

General Modifier Keys

Toggle Editor's Snap setting while operating gizmoHold SHIFT while dragging the Entity
Do not preserve the Entity's transform when reparentingHold CTRL when you reparent the Entity

Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that on a Mac, CMD should be used instead of CTRL.

OperationDescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
LaunchLaunch the scene in a new tabCTRL + ENTER
New EntityCreates a new entity as a child of the currently selected entityCTRL + E
Duplicate EntityDuplicates the selected entity and all childrenCTRL + D
Rename Entity / AssetFocuses on name field of the selected entity or assetN or F2
Copy Entity / AssetCopy the current entity/asset selectionCTRL + C
Paste Entity / AssetPaste copied entity/asset under the currently selected entity/folderCTRL + P
DeleteDelete the current selectionDELETE
Frame SelectionFocus on the current entity selection in the 3D viewF
TranslateActivate the translate gizmo in the 3D view1
RotateActivate the rotate gizmo in the 3D view2
ScaleActivate the scale gizmo in the 3D view3
World / LocalSwitch between local and world space gizmosL
Toggle All PanelsHides or shows all the panels to maximize the 3D viewSPACE
BakeRe-bake lighting using the Run-time LightmapperCTRL + B
Previous SelectionSelect previously selected itemsSHIFT + Z
UndoUndo the last actionCTRL + Z
RedoRedo the last actionCTRL + Y
How do I...?Toggle search toolbar for mini-tutorialsCTRL + SPACE
Show ControlsDisplay the Editor controlsSHIFT + ?