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Mini Stats

Mini stats is a lightweight graphical display of an application's key performance statistics. It shows draw call count, frame time, CPU load and (where supported) GPU load.

Editor users can enable the mini-stats panel via the Launch button menu:

Launch Menu

Clicking on the mini-stats will cycle through three supported sizes:

Mini Stats

The information displayed is as follows:

  • DrawCalls - The number of rendered objects dispatched every frame. Each draw call has a cost on the CPU and GPU, so minimizing this number is sensible.
  • Frame - The total time in milliseconds for the browser to process each frame.
  • GPU - Shows the time in milliseconds to render each frame by the GPU. This stat is only shown if the underlying WebGL implementation supports the extension EXT_disjoint_timer_query (WebGL 1.0) or EXT_disjoint_timer_query_webgl2 (WebGL 2.0). You can confirm whether your browser supports either of these extensions by visiting WebGL Report.
  • CPU - Shows the time in milliseconds to render each frame by the CPU.

The CPU and GPU graphs display a breakdown of the update and render portion of the frame using red and green respectively.

Using Mini-Stats Outside of the Editor

While the mini-stats panel is incorporated into the Editor's Launch page, you can also use it independent of the Editor. The source code can be found here. Simply build playcanvas-extras.js, include it in your project and call:

    const miniStats = new pcx.MiniStats(app);

The 'Engine-only' examples all do this.