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The Editor's main toolbar can be found on the left, vertical edge of the Editor. You can access many common operations via the toolbar. Here is a list of the functionality available:

MenuMenuOpen the main menu to access the most commonly needed Editor functions.
Gizmo TranslateTranslateActivate the translate gizmo in the Viewport.
Gizmo RotateRotateActivate the rotate gizmo in the Viewport.
Gizmo ScaleScaleActivate the scale gizmo in the Viewport.
Element ScaleResize ElementActivate the User Interface Element resizing gizmo in the Viewport.
World LocalWorld/LocalSwitch between local and world coordinate systems for the active gizmo in the Viewport.
SnapSnapEnable snapping when using the gizmos in the Viewport.
FocusFocusZoom the Viewport camera to the currently selected Entity.
UndoUndoUndo the last operation.
RedoRedoRedo the last operation.
BakeLightmapperAccess the Lightmapper bake and auto-rebake controls.
Code EditorCode EditorOpen the Code Editor.
PublishPublishPublish a build of your project.
How Do IHow Do I...?Toggle the 'How Do I...?' help widget in the Viewport.
ControlsControlsShow the list of controls and keyboard shortcuts supported by the Editor.
FeedbackFeedbackVisit the forum to leave feedback about the Editor.
SettingsSettingsLoad Editor and Scene Settings into the Inspector.