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Asset Types

The Assets Panel manages the assets in your project. There are several different types of asset.

TypeImported FromResource ExtensionsDescription
animation.glb, .fbx.glbAnimation keyframe data
audio.mp3, .wav, .ogg.mp3, .wav, .oggSound data
css.css.cssStylesheets for HTML
cubemap.png, .jpg, .webp, .avif.png, .jpg, .webp, .avifEnvironment lighting data
font.ttf, .woff.json, .pngFont data for rendering text
gsplat.ply.ply3D Gaussian Splat data
html.html.htmlHTML documents
json.json.jsonJSON documents
material.glb, .fbxNoneMaterial definitions for 3D models
render.glb, .fbx.glb3D mesh data
shader.glsl, .vert, .frag.glsl, .vert, .fragCustom shaders for rendering
spriteCreated in the EditorNone2D images for UIs or textures
template.glbNoneTemplates for entity hierarchy
text.txt.txtText documents
texture-atlas.png, .jpg, .webp, .avif.png, .jpg, .webp, .avifSprite sheet image data
texture.png, .jpg, .webp, .avif.png, .jpg, .webp, .avifImage data for 3D models or UIs
wasm.wasm.wasmWebAssembly modules