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Asset Store

The PlayCanvas Asset Store is a library of free assets that you can use in your projects. It contains 3D models, fonts, scripts and more.

Accessing the Asset Store

You can access the Asset Store from within the Editor by clicking the ASSET STORE button in the top-right of the Assets Panel.

Asset Store Button

The Asset Store will then open:

Asset Store

Selecting a Store

There are three top-level Stores to chose from:

PLAYCANVASAssets curated and supplied by PlayCanvas and selected partner creators. This store contains: 3D models, fonts, scripts, sky boxes, templates and textures.
SKETCHFABAssets curated and supplied by Sketchfab. This store contains 3D models only. Learn more about the Sketchfab Store.
MY ASSETSAssets imported by you and stored in your user account. This store is currently in a closed beta.

Searching the Store

To search the Store, simply enter a search term in the Search bar at the top. You can then filter and sort the search results using the Search Options:

Asset Store Search

Importing Assets into your Project

Select any store item in the search results to open its details page:

Asset Store Details

On the details page you can:

  • Read a description of the store item.
  • Inspect the files included in the store item.
  • View statistics related to the store item (file size, last updated date, etc).
  • Preview the item in the Model Viewer (only applies to 3D model assets).
  • View author and license information.

Please respect the license terms for the store items you use in your projects. For example, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan '71 in the screenshot above was authored by Barbo and has CC BY 4.0 license. This means that you must give the author appropriate credit for using their works.