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Asset Viewers

Some of the assets have viewer tools that can help inspect them more closely. Assets that can be viewed in these will have the option to 'Open in Viewer' in the inspector and context menu.

Open in Viewer option

Clicking on either of these options will open the viewer with the asset in a new tab.

Model Viewer

Model Viewer Preview

(Model: Copyright 2021 Wayfair LLC. CC BY 4.0 International)

The open source Model Viewer is available for the following asset types:

  • Model (Source) that are GLBs
  • Model
  • Container
  • Animation

The Model Viewer is useful for inspecting the model node hierarchy, morph targets and debugging animation issues.

Texture Tool

Texture Tool Preview

The open source Texture Tool is available for the following asset types:

  • Texture
  • Texture Atlas