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MyScript.prototype.swap = function(old) {
   // recover state here

When a script with a swap function is changed in the code editor, any launched applications will reload the script and add it to script registry. Then it creates brand new script instances to swap with the old ones, calling the swap method during that process per each instance. The initialize method of the script is not called again. Instead, the old script instance is passed into the swap method and it is up to the developer to ensure that the state of the old script is copied into the new one. Declared script attributes are automatically copied over into the new script instance. It is also important to remove any event listeners from the old instance and re-attach them to the new one.


var Rotator = pc.createScript('rotator');

Rotator.attributes.add('xSpeed', { type: 'number', default: 10 });

Rotator.prototype.initialize = function () {
    // listen for enable event and call method
    this.on('enable', this._onEnable);

    this.ySpeed = 0;

Rotator.prototype.swap = function (old) {
    // xSpeed is an attribute and so is automatically copied

    // copy the ySpeed property from the old script instance to the new one
    this.ySpeed = old.ySpeed;

    // remove the old event listener'enable', old._onEnable);
    // add a new event listener
    this.on('enable', this._onEnable);

Rotator.prototype._onEnable = function () {
    // when enabled randomize the speed
    this.ySpeed = pc.math.random(0, 10);

Rotator.prototype.update = function (dt) {
    this.entity.rotate(this.xSpeed * dt, this.ySpeed * dt, 0);


swap メソッドは、スクリプト インスタンスの実行状態に関わらず呼び出されます。したがって、エラーのために無効になった場合でも、swap メソッド内で再度有効にすることができます。

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