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Creating Organizations

There are various ways to create an Organization. Any organizations you are part of will appear next to your name on your profile like so:

Profile Organizations

Create from the dropdown menu

The first way is to click on NEW ORGANIZATION in the top-right dropdown menu:


This will bring up the following popup:

New Organization

Enter the name for the Organization and an Organization ID which is a string with only alphanumeric characters and dashes allowed. The default e-mail address is your own but you can change it to a different one.

Click CREATE and that will take you to the profile page of the Organization.

If you have existing projects (such as private projects on a Personal plan), you can transfer them to the Organization account by the following steps:

  • On your user account, transfer all projects ownership to the Organization account.
  • On the Organization account, accept the project transfer requirements.
  • Cancel the Personal Plan (if you are on one) to downgrade to the Free plan. Please note, this will happen immediately, regardless of when you last paid.
  • Add yourself to the projects as Admin on the Organization account.

All the projects will now be under the Organization account with your user account as Admin for the projects.

Convert a user account into an Organization

Another way to create an Organization is to convert your user account. You can do this by clicking CONVERT in your account page.

Convert Organization

This will bring up the following popup:

Convert Popup

Converting your user account into an Organization will mean that you will no longer be able to log in with this user account. For that reason you need to specify an owner for the new Organization.


Make sure you can log in with the new owner's account.

If you have subscribed for a paid plan, that plan will be cancelled unless you choose to subscribe to an Organization plan which is offered in the popup. The number of seats to purchase will be calculated for you automatically based on the number of users in your existing private projects.

After you convert your account, you will be logged out. Then log back in with the new owner's account and you will be able to access the converted account and all its projects.