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VR View

PlayCanvas also lets you create Virtual Reality (VR) applications.


VR capabilities are available across various platforms: desktop (Chrome, Edge), mobile (Chrome, Samsung) and HMDs (Oculus, Magic Leap, Pico).

Getting started with WebXR VR

To start a VR session, device support and availability should be checked first. Then, on user interaction such as a button click or other input, a VR session can be started:

button.element.on('click', function () {
// check if XR is supported and VR is available
if (app.xr.supported && app.xr.isAvailable(pc.XRTYPE_VR)) {
// start AR using a camera component, pc.XRSPACE_LOCALFLOOR);

Once the user is done, VR mode can be exited by calling:


Starter Kits

PlayCanvas provides a ‘VR Kit’ project to help you and your VR experience get up and running faster. When creating a new project, simply select ‘VR Kit’ from the dialog.