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WebXR has specific hardware and software requirements. It utilizes device features such as camera sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer, CPU/GPU, CV techniques, as well as OS-level and browser support.

While the market is constantly evolving with platform vendors forever improving their software, we try to ensure that PlayCanvas' WebXR support is up to date, supporting the widest range of platforms.

Platforms and Capabilities

Below is a list of platforms that PlayCanvas has been tested on:

Apple Vision ProHand Tracking
Magic LeapGamepads
Meta QuestAnchors, Depth Sensing, Gamepads, Hand Tracking, Hit Testing, Mesh Detection, Persistent Anchors, Plane Detection
Mobile AndroidAnchors, Camera Color, Depth Sensing, DOM Overlay, Hit Testing, Image Tracking, Light Estimation, Plane Detection
PicoAnchors, Gamepads, Hand Tracking, Hit Testing, Persistent Anchors, Plane Detection