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The Screen component defines the area and rendering of a user interface. Children added to a Screen component should all have an Element component

See the User Interface section for more details.

Screen Component

Component Properties

Screen SpaceWhen enabled the contents of the screen are rendered in 2D as an overlay to the canvas.
ResolutionWhen Screen Space is false. The resolution of the screen co-ordinates. Screen co-ordinates go up as you move right and up. For Screen Space components the resolution is always determined from the resolution of the canvas.
Reference ResolutionWhen Scale Mode is Blend. The resolution used to calculate the scale factor.
Scale ModeDetermine how the user interface changes when the window size does not match the screen size. Can be:
  • None: Nothing is scaled.
  • Blend: Screen content is scaled by the ratio of the reference resolution to the actual resolution. Using the Scale Blend property to weight the scale between using the horizontal and vertical resolution.
Scale BlendThe weighting of the scaling between horizontal (Scale Blend = 0) and vertical (Scale Blend = 1).
PriorityDetermines the order in which Screen components in the same layer are rendered (higher priority is rendered on top). Number must be an integer between 0 and 255.