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Creating new scripts

To create a new script use the Asset Panel and select New Script. You will be asked to enter a name for for your new script file.

New Script

Double-click the script asset in the panel to open it in the code editor.

Code Editor

Attaching to a script component

The script component is created in the same way as other components. Once you have a script component you can select a script from your asset list.

Select Script

Scripts are shown by their name, when you select a script to add it to a component, the script content is parsed and any attributes that have been declared are exposed in the interface.

Adding a script component at run time

If you want to dynamically add scripts while your application is running you can do so from the script component

const entity = new pc.Entity();
entity.script.create("rotate", {
attributes: {
speed: 20

Note, that the "rotate" script should already have been loaded at this point. You can load a script using the Asset Registry's load() method.

To remove a script from a component use the destroy method