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Creating an Account

Sign Up

In order to start using PlayCanvas you need to create a new account so first step is to click Sign Up anywhere on the front page.


At the sign up page enter your email address and your password. If you want you can also sign up using your Google account by clicking on the Google button on the bottom.


In the next page enter you full name and your username. If you want toggle the skills that represent you the most. Finally, click on Create Account.


When you create your account we will automatically create a new demo project for you so that you get a first glance at the PlayCanvas Editor. Feel free to jump to your profile page at any time to start creating your own projects.

Logging In

In order to log in to your Account click Log In on the front page. If you are already logged in you will be taken to your profile page automatically. If you have signed up using your email and password make sure you enter those fields in the login page. Otherwise if you have logged in with Google then click on Google instead.