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Basic touch input

Tutorial demonstrating basic touch input in PlayCanvas. Touch the box and move it around the screen!


Simple example of planes that always face the camera. i.e. billboards. Click on the box and fly around the scene with WASD

Camera model masking

Sample showing to use render masking on the lights and models to enable lighting to only affect certain models and cameras to render certain models.

Entity picking without physics

Sample showing how to pick at objects without using the physics system (extra 1MB to published project) or the frame buffer.

Flappy Bird

Flappy's Back! Guide Flappy Bird through as many pipes as you can. Made with @playcanvas


Example of how to use HTML and CSS to create UI

Loading an asset at runtime

Sample showing how to load an asset at runtime so you don't have to preload it at the start if it is not used.

Mobile UI Safe Areas

Example project to handle safe areas on the UI -

Multiple Camera Layers

Demonstration project that shows how to use multiple cameras and layers to render a mixed user interface of UI elements and world-space objects.

Multitouch input

Sample that draws lines between all the current touches on the screen.

Orange Room

Interactive interior visualisation with dynamic reflections and HDR lightmaps.

Orbit camera

Sample with an orbit camera around an entity with both mouse and touch. Scroll wheel and 'pinch to zoom' is used to zoom in and out.

Pause/Play application

A sample showing how to pause and resume an app by modifying the timeScale property. Click to pause/play the app

Physics with CCD

A sample with a script to setup and enable CCD for very fast moving physics objects

Resolution Scaling

Example project on rendering the world at different resolutions without the UI being affected

Smooth camera movement

Sample with a smooth transition of a camera from one position and rotation to another using the Lerp and Slerp functions.

Space Rocks!

Get started making your own space shooter game by forking this template Asteroids shooter! Aim with your mouse and fire with your left button. Survive as long as you can!


Example of extending the PlayCanvas engine to create one shot timers. Press P to pause time.

Vehicle Physics

An implementation of vehicle physics in PlayCanvas, using the RaycastVehicle API in ammo.js. Supports desktop, mobile and VR.

WebXR 360 Image

360 Image with WebXR support | Image Credit//

WebXR AR: Hit Test

Example of how to use WebXR Hit Test API. That allows to hit test real world geometry.

WebXR Controller/Hand Models

Sample application with WebXR controller/hand models loaded based on input source profile. Models sourced from//

WebXR Hands

Sample application with WebXR Hands Tracking.

WebXR Tracked Controllers

A sample application with boilerplate code for WebXR support with tracked controllers using PlayCanvas.

WebXR VR Lab

A living project built by the PlayCanvas team to help developers learn about creating scalable and responsive WebXR VR applications for all devices

WebXR: AR Image Tracking

Example of how to use WebXR Augmented Reality: Image Tracking API. That allows to actively track real world images based on provided sample.

WebXR: Plane Detection

Example of how to use WebXR Augmented Reality: Plane Detection API. That allows to actively track real world surface estimations.