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Basic Keyboard Input

Click to focus, then press left arrow, right arrow and spacebar to rotate the cube. Press and release the 'a' key to change color.

Basic Mouse Input

Move the mouse to move the cube around. Press the mouse buttons to change the color of the cube.

Basic touch input

Tutorial demonstrating basic touch input in PlayCanvas. Touch the box and move it around the screen!

Entity picking without physics

Sample showing how to pick at objects without using the physics system (extra 1MB to published project) or the frame buffer.

Multitouch input

Sample that draws lines between all the current touches on the screen.

Orbit camera

Sample with an orbit camera around an entity with both mouse and touch. Scroll wheel and 'pinch to zoom' is used to zoom in and out.

WebXR Controller/Hand Models

Sample application with WebXR controller/hand models loaded based on input source profile. Models sourced from//

WebXR Hands

Sample application with WebXR Hands Tracking.

WebXR Tracked Controllers

A sample application with boilerplate code for WebXR support with tracked controllers using PlayCanvas.

WebXR VR Lab

A living project built by the PlayCanvas team to help developers learn about creating scalable and responsive WebXR VR applications for all devices