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Basic Audio

The tank is moving around the robot. You can shoot by clicking anywhere on the game.

Basic Materials

Materials are what define the appearance of the surfaces of a 3D Model. At its very simplest a Material sets the color of the polygons, at its most complex a material can simulate the surface of an ocean or the way that light passes through glass.

Basic touch input

Tutorial demonstrating basic touch input in PlayCanvas. Touch the box and move it around the screen!

Changing Scenes

Full documentation for Loading Scenes is now in the User Manual.

Manipulating Entities

In this tutorial we'll show you how you can change an Entity's position, orientation and scale.

More Cameras

Click to focus, then press space to zoom in and out, press left arrow and right arrow to switch to the left and right cameras

Programmatically Creating Entities

Usually you will be creating Entities via the PlayCanvas Editor, building up collections of Components and scripts to create the various parts of your game. However, in some cases it is convenient to create Entities in your scripts. This tutorial shows you how.

Using the Asset Registry

Click to focus, hold and release SPACEBAR to switch between two A and B models. Press 'L' to load the C model. Hold 'C' to display the C model.