User Manual




Orbit camera Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Pan camera Middle Mouse Button (MMB)
Look camera Right Mouse Button (RMB)
Pan camera Shift + LMB
Zoom / Dolly camera Mouse Wheel
Move Camera W-A-S-D
Move Camera Fast Shift + W-A-S-D


Select entity Click LMB
Translate / Rotate / Scale Entity according to gizmo Click and drag

General Modifier Keys

Toggle Editor's Snap setting while operating gizmo Hold Shift while dragging the Entity
Do not preserve the Entity's transform when reparenting Hold Ctrl when you reparent the Entity



Launch Launch the scene in a new tab CTRL + ENTER
New Entity Creates a new entity as a child of the currently selected entity CTRL + E
Duplicate Entity Duplicates the selected entity and all children CTRL + D
Rename Focuses on name field of selected entities or an asset N or F2
Copy Entity Copy a single selected entity CTRL + C
Paste Entity Paste an entity under the currently selected entity CTRL + V
Copy Asset Copy selected asset or assets in assets panel CTRL + C
Paste Entity In the assets panel, paste previously selected asset or assets CTRL + V
Delete Deletes the current selection DELETE or CTRL + BACKSPACE
Frame Selection Focus on the entity selection F
Translate Change gizmo mode to translate 1
Rotate Change gizmo mode to rotate 2
Scale Change gizmo mode to scale 3
World / Local Switch between local and world space gizmo L
Toggle All Panels Hides or shows all the panels SPACE
Bake Re-bake and recalculate lights CTRL + B
Previous Selection Select previously selected items SHIFT + Z
Undo Undo the last action performed by the user CTRL + Z
Redo Redo the next action performed by the user CTRL + SHIFT + Z or CTRL + Y
How do I...? Bring search toolbar for mini-tutorials CTRL + SPACE
Show Controls Display the Editor controls SHIFT + ?
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