User Manual


Events are a useful way of responding to things that happen without checking every frame.

The PlayCanvas Engine contains a simple way to add event handling to any object:;

This will add the methods: on(), off(), fire() and hasEvent() to the object. Which means that you can listen for events fired by that object.

By default all script instances can fire events you don't need to call this manually.

Using events

Listen for events firing by using on() and off().

pc.script.create("display", function (app) {
    var Display = function (entity) {
        this.entity = entity;

    Display.prototype = {
        initialize: function () {
            var player = app.root.findByName("Player");

            // remove move event listeners

            // listen move event
            player.script.player.on("move", function (x, y) {


    return Display;

Trigger an event using fire()

pc.script.create("player", function (app) {
    var Player = function (entity) {
        this.entity = entity;

    Player.prototype = {
        update: function (dt) {
            var x = 1;
            var y = 1;

  "move", x, y);

    return Player;

More details in the API Reference