User Manual


Kongregate is one of the biggest web game portals in the world. Originally a site for Flash games, they've been accepting HTML5 games for a while. Kongregate shares up to 50% of their advertising revenue with the game developer so they are a good place to start making money from your games.

In November 2018 Kongregate launched Kartridge, a community-driven PC gaming platform focused on indie games.

How to publish to Kongregate

1. Download a zip file version of your game. Follow the self-hosting instructions.

2. Unzip the contents of your exported zip file and you will see a folder containing all your files.

3. Create a new zip file which does not include the containing folder.


Select all the files in your unzipped folder, right click and select Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder (More info)


Select all the files in your unzipped folder, right click (or Ctrl-Click) and select "Compress X Items"

Make Zip

4. Visit the Upload your game page on Kongregate.

5. Fill in all the details on the upload form as required. Set the index.html file to the file found in your game's export folder and select "I would like to upload additional files" and add the new zip file you created in step 3.


6. Test your game and publish!

How to publish to Kartridge

If you want to upload your games on Kartridge, you will need to request developer access. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open up Kartridge and click on your profile name.

2. Request Developer Access:

Developer Access

Fill out the form that pops up. If further verification is needed, the Kartridge developer support team will contact you directly via the email provided in the submission form.

Developer Access Form

For more information on Game File requirements and setting up your storefront, click here. If you have any questions about this process, contact