User Manual


Components define behaviours that are attached to Entities. An Entity is a container for Components.

There are many different Components defined in the PlayCanvas Engine. You can add a Component to an Entity using the PlayCanvas Editor. The properties exposed by Components are listed in the Attribute Editor when you select an Entity.

Component Description
Animation Specifies the animation assets that can run on the model specified by the entity's model component.
Audio Listener Specifies the location of the listener for 3D audio playback.
Camera Renders the scene from the location of the entity.
Collision Assigns a collision volume to the entity.
Element Defines a user interface element.
Light Attach a dynamic light source to the Entity.
Model Renders a 3D model at the location of the entity.
Particle System Attach a particle system to the Entity.
Rigid Body Adds the entity to the scene's physical simulation.
Screen Defines the area and rendering of a user interface.
Script Allows the entity to run JavaScript fragments to implement custom behavior.
Sound Plays audio assets.