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The pc.script namespace holds the createLoadingScreen function that is used to override the default PlayCanvas loading screen.


Static Methods

createLoadingScreenHandles the creation of the loading screen of the application.


Static Methods


Handles the creation of the loading screen of the application. A script can subscribe to the events of a pc.Application to show a loading screen, progress bar etc. In order for this to work you need to set the project's loading screen script to the script that calls this method.

pc.script.createLoadingScreen(function (app) {
    var showSplashScreen = function () { // }
    var hideSplashScreen = function () { // }
    var showProgress = function (progress) { // }
    app.on("preload:start", showSplashScreen);
    app.on("preload:progress", showProgress);
    app.on("start", hideSplashScreen);


callbackpc.callbacks.CreateScreenA function which can set up and tear down a customised loading screen.