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We suggest you start reading the User Manual, it's the complete guide to PlayCanvas, read this through to learn everything there is to know. Next, dig into the Tutorials and Videos, step-by-step guides for the specific features of PlayCanvas. Finally, the API Reference is the complete PlayCanvas Engine reference.

Also, remember that you can always take a look at the play page to see how whole projects have been designed and built.

Engine Users

Engine - This guide will get you going if you are only using the Engine and not the PlayCanvas Editor.

GitHub - check out our GitHub page for instructions on displaying 2D images and text in your project.

Getting Help

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Talk about your game, show off your latest project, seek out new team members, or offer your assistance to others. Join us in the discussion forums.


If you've got a technical question about using PlayCanvas, the API or any part of the platform, you can use PlayCanvas Forum to get help.